Saturday, January 26, 2013

H is 3

H is 3 and he had 3 celebrations. One at our home, one at JoJo's and one at school.

Ours at home was an Octonauts party. Don't ask. It's a cartoon he loves! And no toys are here in the US yet. Weird. I know. But it was Houston's only request. So, my attempt to an Octonauts party is displayed below.

Mom made him a Captain Barnicals (one of the characters) hat. We had 'crab' sandwiches. And Captain Barnicals marshmallows. I had a cake made too! Which turned out so awesome!!

Then Jojo had a small party. Just our normal Sunday dinner with chocolate cake! Yum!!!

And last, his birthday celebration at school! He was so cute! And all excited about it! All the kids (10) sit at the table for snack. They say the blessing / sing happy birthday / blow out the candle / open a gift / eat a cookie.

Overall, I think he had a good birthday. He had a terrible cold the week of his birthday. But despite the nasty cold, he was excited each day.

Enjoy the pics!

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