Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Ina hold her.'

. . . These are the words I've been hearing almost every day.

'Ina hold her on my bed.'
'Ina hold her right here.'
'Ina hold her, mommy.'

Once a day, I've been letting H hold 'Toni'. He's done an awesome job at it. I think it makes him feel like a 'big boy' and 'strong'. He just loves her. And tonight, a friend (Poole and Jeremy) asked if they could be H's best friend and he said, 'No. Toni is my bes frien.' Awe. It melted me heart . . . mostly because I am normally his 'bes frien' and now I've been pushed aside! Haha. But pushed aside only to the best, 'Toni'.

Here are a few images of their 'holding time'.

He just sits there with her. And taps his lil hand (the way Earl would do, patiently waiting) and looks around and just talks about whatever.

Also, tonight (well, 4am) JL turned over, RIGHT IN FRONT of me. Except it was after her 4am feeding and she was asleep and probably didn't know she did it. And since she was asleep, I pulled her back to her tummy real fast so she wouldn't wake up. Haha. Oh well, she WILL master it one day for the whole world to see!

// love, mommy //

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