Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Affair

This Saturday the Frick crew, the Moore crew and the Billingsley crew went on a hunt for the perfect tree. This affair lasted for a few hours, included a lunch and an afternoon filled w. Christmas music! sigh. LOVE this time of the year!

First, We hunted.... except when we got there, The Frick's had already found their tree and was cutting it down.

*Dave was cutting.

*Wes wanted mommy to hold him.

*And Josie and Matty watched Dave cut... Well, we all kind of watch Dave cut the tree down. He did the hard work.

Once theirs was down... Then, It was off to find the Billingsley and Moore's Trees!

*The Moore's Searching...

*Josie and Dave searching...

*Matt searching...

AND THEN! We found ours!

 *The Billingsleys

Matt started cutting away! As Eric held it the tree for me =) Thanks Eric!

*He looks like a seasonal lumber jack... right? Plus, with his antlers on, he was about the height of our tree.

Once our tree was cut, dragged for pick up, it was left up to the Moore's to find their Christmas tree!! BUT, not without a photo shoot from Eric...

* The best of 50 -- j.

After spotting their tree -- Eric's cutting spree began. It probably lasted about 30 seconds till the tree was on the ground...

* Eric cutting and Dave holding.

Then, it was time for us to drink some hot chocolate, look at snowmen, buy a few christmas cactus', pay and head on our way home! That afternoon we had everyone at our house for a lil' lunch and chat -- while the Dogs, Mason and Belle, played outside. And, Jackson taunted Mason a little.

Then, the Christmas music was turned on and Matt and I began our decorating...

*decor to come later =)

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