Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas With the KING family!

This past weekend we spent the weekend in Raleigh, NC with my uncle Stan and aunt Suzanne. It was Christmas for the King family!

Friday night, we all drove up -- Matt, Edwin, Jess and I in one car -- Brandy, Dave, Josie and Wes in the other... carpooling our way to see SCROOGE!!

Saturday we woke up, chatted with the family a bit. Waited for my Aunt Carol and Uncle Eddie to get there.

 AND THEN, it was off to see A Christmas Carol!! 

*Jess and Ed

*Benton and Megan

*Matt and I

blurry =( but.... *Suzanne, Carol, Mom (bob bob) and Dad (Pops)

*After the play!

*The entire family who went to the play (minus Megan who took the photo for us!)

A few stayed back (Brandy, Dave, Josie, Wes, Stan and Eddie) to go to the Flea Market, Farmers Market, to get dinner and watch football. When everyone else returned from the play it was dinner time and Present time!!

Our Chinese gift line up!

Never fails... they are always the first to be waiting for presents! j.

Josie and Wes has a BALL this year opening presents... They actually get the concept of what a 'present' is. Here are a few snap shots of what all they got and how much fun it was!

*It's a 'Pop Pop' - as wes calls it - most people refer to them as A Tractor!

*Josie got a computer. So she can work from home like mommy does!

*She's Thanking Eddie and Carol -- and Showing them what it is!

*Wes is ready to play w. the 'Pop Pop' 

*Daddy hurry up... I cant wait any longer!

FINALLY -- He got to play...

And this is what the entire family saw the rest of the night...

Thanks Wes -- you take after your daddy... j.

Before I skip ahead... There were more gifts to open!!

*Gifts from Stan and Suzanne -- BOOKS!

*And TIGER SHIRTS!! Raised the right way!

After they opened their gifts, it was time for the 'Big Kids' to do the Chinese gift exchange... As always, it was fun! There were lots of good gifts to be given!


  1. The little ones in your family are just eat-you-up-cute!

  2. Thanks girl! They sure are precious! Makes everything much more fun!