Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Matt and I woke up Christmas morning -- I mean, I woke up Christmas morning at 8 and said, 'SANTA CAME! Can we get up and open presents?' -- sigh, I am such a kid!

After opening our presents at our house, we headed to the Billingsley (Deeda and Dukes -- aka Matt's parents) household to open our gifts. Everyone got lots of good presents! Matt and I gave his parents bluetooths... boy where they excited! They immediately hooked them up and got them working before we could head out the door to our Christmas movie! (we go every year to see a movie as a family on Christmas day) After the bluetooths were hooked up, we headed to our Christmas tradition movie -- movie of choice for the year was 'Sherlock Holmes'. I loved it! Although, not really a Christmas movie - a little dark - but still good (better than 'Molly and Me' last year - ahem, Donna - we balled our eyes out last year!!!)

We then headed to my parents house to 'wrap up' the day with more gifts!

Houston's stocking at the King's.

Josie got a camera... therefore, we MUST take pictures of EVERYTHING... 'Sit right here Ca-Ca and take pictures'... SO, we did...

We took pictures of JoJo's socks...

We took pictures of Mommy's socks... (and everyone elses... even Daddy's who wasnt wearing Christmas socks... but, I decided not to post the 'ugly' ones)

Even pictures of Wes and Mommy reading...

Besides the 'picture taking extravaganza' -- follow Brandy's blog for a post from Josie and Wes' camera -- it was a good evening w. the King family. Lots and lots of gifts to be opened... and yes, One at a time! And when kiddos are involved... it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

In the famous words of Mr. Earl Cumalander. 'I just want to thank everyone for everything!"

Matt, Houston and I had a great holiday season!

- the baby {M.E}

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