Saturday, December 5, 2009

Houston's Goodies get put together!

The past couple of days Matt has decided to get some of the big boxes out of Houston's room and put the items together! sigh. It was fun to watch!

First Project:  The Travel System (aka Stroller and Carseat)

*This was the easy one. Most of the parts were already put together. But, Daddy did a good job! Now Houston can travel in safety everywhere he goes!

Second Project:  3-in-1 Play ExerSaucer

*This one was HARD. Notice the instruction manual was brought out.

But, after a lil' time and reading, Daddy got it all put together.

This part is for when Houston gets bigger! The 1st phase was being investigated by Mister Zoe -- he was TERRIFIED of it!

And still is scared. He will not sleep in Houston's room anymore. Laugh.

We (more so Matt) still have a few more big items we need to assemble, but we are taking it a few projects at a time!

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