Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few Thanksgiving moments.

The Houston Women (minus Aunt GaGa, Barbara, Kendall and Alston) at Uncle Billy and Aunt LeighAnn's house in Chapin for Thanksgiving Lunch!
Leigh Ann, Nana, Me, Emerson, Logan, Donna and Kennedy!

Grant after our Thanksgiving meal! Such a stud!

Jess, Wes and Bob Bob making Grape Salad! Yum!
At JoJo's for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Pops frying the Turkey! IT WAS SO GOOD!

Josie Checking out Matt's head -- she wanted to see his staples (That uncle Billy took out earlier that day - yes - at Thanksgiving lunch).

Sorry the pics are a bit random. I was having camera troubles and my battery died! Boo me... poor planning, I know.

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