Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Matt and I had a great Christmas celebrating with both our families! It started at home on Christmas Eve:

Our beautiful tree with all the presents (that didnt stay under the tree long)!!

Matt's Baby (Belle)

My Baby (Mister Zoe)

Our Baby (Houston, who will soon be here!)

We have another baby, Jackson, but he never stays around for family 'fun time' -- he is our wild cat that roams the neighborhood and catches rats and things... so, he gets to 'exempt' family time. laugh.

After our quiet Christmas Eve morning, we headed to my Grandma's house (JoJo) for Christmas Eve Dinner and then to open our Chinese Gifts!!

The entire night, all Wes wanted to do was to turn the lights off and on.

While Jess didnt want to give up her Chinese gift... so she hid it from everyone. 

JoJo opened all her gifts from everyone, but never knows what each person gave her! She's too cute.

JoJo gave the kiddos 'ja-mas'


Wes wanted to put his on top of his clothes... then he realized it was too tight... so he just carried it around on his head/back.

And finally... Jess and Edwin left with a PILE of appliances (for the second time)....

After we got done at JoJo's, Matt and I headed over to the Billingsley household! To spend the rest of the evening with his parents, brother, uncle, the Adams and the Hefley's!

We listened to Janie's newest obsession, Sean John (maybe) while snacking on a few things and chatting about pregnancy AND celebrating the seasons!

 - the baby {M.E.}

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