Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Not Violet anymore!

2 oranges, 2 bananas and one apple a day + low sodium everything else + a bottle of cranberry juice + trying to pee every 30 minutes + 3 fulls days of rest = down 5lbs of fluids! THANK GOODNESS!

I may have felt like the biggest bum Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday -- BUT, the fluids are off and I am rested! My hands will now close, my face doesnt look like I got beat, my rings now fit on my fingers again (ahem, my fake ring that fits my already swollen pregnancy fingers), I think my work pants will now fit over my big ole butt (sigh) and the list goes on.

But, first and foremost, my urine sample did come back negative and my blood pressure has been fine. I have had no 'real' headaches - other than this sinus headache - and no vomiting or nausea. SO, preclampsia and diabetes are ruled out - wiping the forehead. Thankfully, most of the weight came off -- now I can deal w. a few lbs of pregnancy fluids... just not and excessive amount - smile - esp when its an excessive amount in cautionary areas.

We got to the Doctor today for our weekly check-up. So, we will see what he/she has to say!

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  1. So glad to here the swelling has gone down. I bet you're getting pretty excited about Houston's arrival!