Sunday, January 3, 2010


For those who dont know, Bob Bob and Pops 30th Anniversary was Friday (NEW YEARS!).  They 'eloped' and never had a wedding or a reception. SO, the gang...

... decided to throw our parents a Surprise Anniversary party! (please take note that Dave and Edwin's eyes are on the TV off to the left -- USC LOST! ha.)

We planned this months in advance (well, had the idea months in advance). A good friend of Matt's family was able to get us Generations (on 'old folks home' - laugh) for a great price! Thanks Janie! It was beautiful! We didn't even have to decorate because they still had the Christmas Decorations up! So, all day Saturday us kiddos baked, cooked, prepared all the food for the party. We even had JoJo prepare a few things... however, she had a hard Challenge! Mom and Dad wouldn't leave her alone... Everytime she turned around to help us do something... in walks mom and dad! But, as always... JoJo gets it done!

We had quite the spread!

Jess couldn't stop eating! J.

We had told mom and dad earlier that week that we all would like to take them to dinner for their Anniversary and that I had made reservations at Dianne's on Devine (where mom and dad had their first date) for 4:45. Sneaky Sneaky.

INSTEAD, we were having a party! Jess and Edwin went to pick Mom and Dad up for dinner but wanted to swing by Generations to show them the room they wanted to throw me a baby shower! (Ahem, me being pregnant, I am a great excuse for EVERYTHING) -- NEEDLESS to say, Pops was not Thrilled about this! They were going to be late for their reservations!! AND there was a function already going on there! Little did they know, the function was for them!! And the night turned out great!

Here are a few Candid Shots from the evening!

*Josie rolling around on the floor!

*Jessie and Wes playing around!

*Jessie and Wes still playing! Finally getting some smiles out of that lil' man! He isn't sick anymore! Knock on wood.

*Bob Bob and Pops 'wedding' cake that Aunt Cat made them! DELICIOUS!!

*Jessie made Coconut cakes! YUMMY!

*Never fails... Josie must get in on the fun! Bob Bob and Pops 'tried' to cut the cake together... Attempt failed... BUT, Bob Bob did feed Pops!

* And he loved it! 

*Brotherly and Sisterly love!

*After chatting with all their friends and family, they had a ball! They were so surprised! It might not have been dinner at Dianne's but it was worth it!

Happy 30th Anniversary Bob Bob and Pops!

- the baby {M.E.}

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