Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello Due Date... Bye Bye Due Date

We need a new due date...  because January 11th has already passed! We are now patiently waiting Houston to make his arrival.

* 40 Weeks and counting...

Matt and I went to our last Doctor's visit Monday (our due date). We saw Dr. Laffitte and we love him! So far I have met all but one doctor and I have have no problem with any of them. BUT, we did luck out... Dr. Giudice is my primary OB and he is on call from here on out!! Dr. Laffitte scheduled me to be induced Monday, January 18th, if Houston does not make is way this week. So, by the lastest, we will be able to meet Houston on MONDAY! Till then, keep your fingers crossed that he will make his appearance this week!

Weekly Stats (as of Monday):
NOT EVEN DILATED... just a waiting...


  1. Hope the little man makes his appearance real soon! If you send out baby announcements I want in! ;)

  2. Just saw this post... I bet he is already here and you are just loving life!

  3. LOVE 2 c your p---y