Tuesday, January 5, 2010

39 Weeks

At 39 Weeks and Houston STILL doesnt want to make his debut!

I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since Saturday -- every 8 to 20 minutes -- no pattern -- not consistent. Sleep deprivation is now taking over -- waiting is getting harder -- not much progress this week.

*Wow, I almost look like you could take a pen and pop me!

Matt and I went to our 39 week check up this morning! We were suppose to see Dr. Laffitte but he was delivering way too many babies this morning that Dr. Holloday was helping him out with patients! So, we finally met Dr. Holloday! He was very nice and explained himself well! He very nicely stated that this is 'the babys time to shine' -- 'the babys time to say when' -- and there is nothing we can do but wait for him! Just to relax and enjoy the little time we have alone.  Things can soon change over night or it can be several weeks away! He did say that they would not let me go but 7 to 10 days past my due date... so, at least we know there is a TWO WEEK MAX till we get to meet Houston! 

Weekly Stats:
Weight -- up 1.5lbs (whoops)
Blood Pressure -- 120/72
80% to 90% Effaced
Head is W-A-Y down.
Dilated.... no signs.

We are 6 days way from our due date (01.11.10). Stay tuned! We might see lil' Houston this week!

- the baby {M.E.}


  1. omg! so exciting! i love dr holladay!! he is my mom's doc, delivered me and is my doc!

  2. Hey honey! I remember those moments well, like it was yesterday! Dr. Sally was my doc too and I loved all the docs in that practice. Dr. Guidice ended up delivering Belle. She was late!!!! So, take the time now to just relax, read, do all the things you really love most. It will be here when you least expect it! You look amazing and beautiful!

  3. Erica,

    Dr Holladay is my doc, but I love him and all the docs. Don't despair though I was 50% effaced for 3 wks with no dilation and started having regular contractions the night before our 40 wk appt. We went in when the office opened (by now they were 5 min apart for about 3 hrs) and I was 2 cm. Just remember a full-term baby will do better. Good luck and keep us posted!

    Virginia, Aaron & Ashley

  4. sooo exciting! you are almost a mommy!