Sunday, January 10, 2010

False alarm!

Matt and I had our first 'False Labor' this weekend. It all started Thursday night when I went to bed having contractions -- I had been having braxton hicks contractions but these definitely felt different. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, barely sleeping, tossing and turning -- then I decided I would wait it out Friday and not go to work (I had swore to myself I was going to work up until I go into labor).

Friday I called in and started writing the contractions down. They were 10 minutes apart all morning long. Then once the afternoon hit, they got closer and closer. I layed down about 3 to finally take a nap -- thinking, if this is it, I want to be 'well rested' -- instead, I got a phone call from my mom...  'Where have you been today? I called at work and you didnt answer." -- sigh. knowing at this point if I say anything... its ALL OUT -- So, I told her (I cant hide it) -- "I have been having contractions, they are about 10 to 7 minutes apart."  -- Gasp. "Well, Boo, You going to call me if you go to the hospital?" -- AH. I should have told her sooner... but, now the cat is out of the bag... After I got off the phone w. her Brandy called, Jess called, Brandy called again, JoJo called, Fred called, Jess called... sigh... on Matts phone: Donna called, Shumate called, Aaron called, Donna called.... sigh. Not to mention the texts from several people  - ahem, Tomme. j. BUT, we cant complain... we are glad we are loved by so many!

As the night went on the contractions were about 7 to 6 minutes apart - the back pain and 'pelvic' pain was beginning to get worse - Matt was rubbing my back -- And we thought this was IT. We had thought at about 10 p.m. that we would wake up in the a.m. and it would be time to go to the hospital... 

HOWEVER, after a decent nights sleep, I woke up to a few contractions... nothing big or 'painful'. And the phone started again... Mom called, Brandy called, Jess called, Brandy called, Jess called, Mom called, talked to Donna, talked to Kelli... sigh. THEN, Tammy (our neighbor) came over; Brandy, Dave, Josie and Wes came over; Donna and Bob came over... AND that is when Houston decided... NOT TO COME!

I think he just wanted to tease us... Needless to say... this was our first 'false labor' experience. Since Friday, I have still had contractions. None that were as consistant or as 'painful'... SO, we are still waiting!

Houston's due date is Monday, January 11th! We also have a doctor's appointment that morning. We will keep you posted!

- the baby {M.E}

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