Saturday, July 28, 2012

31 weeks

We had our 31 week appointment on Friday and all checked out well! Whew! Because Thursday evening, I started having contractions. They were 12 to 14 minutes apart for 4 hours. I put my feet up and started chugging some water . . . luckily, they slowed down and were done about 11 pm. Just in time for bed. Sigh. But, I didn't sleep well that night. I knew I was headed to the doctor Friday morning, so I didn't call in to tell them I was having contractions. Right now, more than 5 in an hour could be considered preterm labor (+ a few other symptoms). Since I am having so much pressure, I figured I just needed to take a moment and 'rest'. However, the more I thought about it, I didn't do much that day! I did have a photo session that evening but it wasn't long. And yes, I am aware that it's 100 degrees and HOT outside . . . but come on!

I saw Dr. Ridenhour, the doctor that delivered Houston. She is one of my favorites! She is so thorough. She really explains herself and allows you to ask lots of questions. I feel like she 'takes her time' and doesn't 'rush' you in and out. She assured me my 'severe' pressure and swelling is normal and that it may get worse, yay. And that she highly suggests me to take it easy and PUT MY FEET UP. Sigh. It's so hard. How can you put your feet up when you have a 2.5 year old to chase? And help potty train? And photos to take? I mean, really? However, she did say that if I don't, the contractions may pick up and we don't want that : / Nope. No we don't. We want to wait till full term for Miss Joanie Leigh. Which, full term is 37 weeks, 6 more weeks!  She did go ahead and check me this visit since I have been contracting. My cervix is still closed, but she said Joanie Leigh is super low. She predicts that Joanie Leigh will come ealier than Houston did! Laugh, and she BETTER! Houston made it 41 weeks . . . I'm rooting for Joanie Leigh to make it 38! Laugh.

We are now down to our every two week appointments! It's getting so close! So, I'll give our next update on JL at 33 weeks!

Like I promised, my 31 week photo!
31 weeks

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