Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Training in Progress . . .

We've been potty training for a couple of months . . . well, 'talking about it' and 'occasionally enforcing it' for a couple months . . . but the last two to three weeks have been 'strong' enforcement. And so far, we are doing GREAT! I am so proud of him!

When we are at home, it's 'undies' all the way! 'Cars' and 'Diego' are our favorite undies to wear. We are still working on the 'aim' and 'pulling up / down' the undies . . . And most of the time, he let's us know when he has to go. EXCEPT when he has to poop . . . that . . . we are still working on. Sigh. We have even ventured off to several places with big boy undies! YAY! But, if we are very busy or playing too hard . . . we just might have an accident. He knows when he has accidents too . . . he's so cute :) He puts his head down and sticks out his bottom lip . . . and hides because he is embarrassed. My precious boy. Poor thing. He's trying so hard.

Although we still revert to a diaper when we venture out of the house or for nap or for bedtime, I am super excited and happy to see the no.5 diapers depleting from our home . . . esp. as we begin to fill up with Newborn / no.1 / no.2 's for Joanie Leigh.

WAY TO GO HOUSTON! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

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