Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrub-a-dub in the TUB

his week, Matt, Houston and I have been fighting off a cold. Our lil' man was running a fever of 100.5 Wednesday night. Luckily, the fever broke and we are now in the process of getting the yuck stuff out of our systems! Sadly enough, Houston's first night in his lil' bath tub was a sick night. So, we did not take pictures... but, have no fear!! I took plenty the next night when we were feeling 10 times better!! Take a look of his scrub in the tub!

Houston really loves his baths too. He just sits there and kicks his lil' feet. Maybe its a sign he will be a good swimmer! Lake Murray here we come!


  1. he's so cute!!! bath time is the best time besides when they are sleeping! lol

  2. Enjoy these little moments. They are fleeting. I'm sitting here today in amazement that my laney & jake will be THREE in May. It seems like yesterday that they were getting baths in their baby tubs. :( It's amazing and heart wrenching at the same time! Soak these moments up! (pardon the pun)

  3. if you want to REALLY see him kick rub his little pecker or with a girl you gently rub the clit spot they go wild