Thursday, February 11, 2010

Josie's Birthday

Josie's 3rd Birthday.

Houston was born on Jan. 18th
Josie was born on Jan. 23rd
Pops was born on Feb. 1st


Well, Since we have already talked about Houston's... it is now Josie's turn!!

Josie, Houston and Wes at Josie's  3rd Birthday party!


Matt and Josie read a book during 'rest time' before the PARTY began!

Josie helped do her decorations for the Pink Party all week long... take a look at the Pink Decor.


Bob Bob and Wes enjoying some snacks before the party!

Josie even took photos of her own Party.

All of her gifts!! That sure is a lot of gifts for a 3 year old!! And it took her FOREVER to open them all!!
And we had cake and ice cream! YUM!

While Josie opened her gifts and enjoyed the party, Houston slept... and got loved on!!


I cant believe our lil' Jo-Juice (that is how she used to say her name) is 3!! Happy Birthday Josie!

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