Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday JoJo -- mhmm.

For those of you who dont know why we say - "mhmm." after "Happy Birthday JoJo" -- its because a couple years ago I called JoJo on her Birthday to wish her a Happy Birthday. However, usually when you call someone they say, "Hello" -- Not JoJo -- She said, "Happy Birthday to JoJo, mhmm."  -- which throws you for a loop, What do you say to someone who already has said your line? Laugh. SO now, we just make fun of her and add, "mhmm." after JoJo.

What a lady she is.

SO - Monday was JoJo's Birthday (79 and looking younger ea. year!). The family (and a few friends) celebrated with - you guessed it - Dinner and presents!! Here are a few photos from the eventful evening!

Everyone was celebrating JoJo's birthday w. a beer or a glass of wine - even Josie -- Have no fear - it wasnt wine.

It was Sparkling Grape Juice (Josie's wine).

Wes was not center of attention - its not too often that he is. But, he was ready to party for JoJo's Birthday like everyone else!

Jean and Jeff down the street came to help us all celebrate JoJo's Birthday!

The nice yummy cake Bob Bob made!

Josie was asking Fred where his 'baby' was and pulling up his shirt -- she has been quite confused w. me being pregnant. She thinks everyone who has a 'belly' also has a 'baby' -- whoops. She will learn.

Josie helping JoJo blow out the candles -- Dave and I lit the candles and by the time I took the cake to JoJo and turned around to get the camera -- the show was over. Josie has become a master at blowing out candles (since everyone else's birthday is her chance to blow out candles).

And Wes is still learning. He almost has it! Maybe by his 2nd birthday in April he will be blowing like a champ!

*Please visit the Frick's blog for more photos of JoJo's Birthday. For some reason, I never got a shot of the Birthday girl and Brandy didnt get too many shots of her kids. The roles were reversed that night -- I focused on Josie and Wes  - Brandy focused on the Birthday girl,  JoJo.

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  1. Those are GREAT pictures! What are you, a photographer?!?