Saturday, October 24, 2009

Belle and Pollie

For those of you who dont know, Belle is our 6 year old Black Lab. She is such a good dog!!

*As you can tell from her picture pose. Such a model.

And this weekend we got the pleasure of keeping Miss Pollie (Matt's parent's dog). She is a 2 year old Black Lab. She is such a sweetie -- but still a puppy!

It was hard to get her to sit still for a good picture. This was about the only one I could get of her face!

Belle and Pollie sure have enjoyed each others company! They play together, sleep together, run together, pee together, they even wait by the door together...

(This was when Matt came home from work -- they love him.)

This is them playing together... hard to take good shots when all they do is run and chase each other! As soon as I click the button - they are off to the other side of the yard!

Overall, its been a good visit with Pollie! Belle will be glad to relax some when Pollie leaves.

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