Thursday, December 6, 2012

our life.

our life lately has been quite hectic. Between me working / staying home with two kids / daddy working / daddy's soccer . . . it makes time FLY. We are always busy. And haven't had but ONE or TWO free weekends since Joanie has been born. Sigh. But, we love it.

Houston is enjoying school . . . and talking up a storm. He's doing well with his 'sentence completion' -- laugh -- making full sentences. It's so cute! He loves holding Joanie and helping us with her. He's still quite obsessed with cars. And LOVES Chocolate milk. I have to keep holding my tears back when I think he will be THREE in a month. Yes. THREE. I better get on that 'party planning'.

Joanie is growing so much. She is about 13lbs. Yes. 13! She's such a chunk! She will be 3 months soon . . . and I think we may need to up her clothes size to 6 months! Laugh. My lil' tubs. I am still calling her Joanie vs. Joanie leigh . . . but I've been working on it. I really want Joanie Leigh to stick . . . but it's so hard! Ha. She still LOVES her milk. She eats ALL the time!! Joanie loves to smile at you now . . . and coo! She's quite the talker.

I will post more soon!

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