Friday, December 14, 2012


I know y'all are all so concerned about how I'm doing. (Insert sarcasm). So, I'll up date you.

I missed my 2:30 meds due to sleep. Not sure which was more important. But now I have some aching on my left side. It's not too bad. Bearable. But annoying. I'm suppose to be sleeping. But j cant now. And ESP since Joanie Leigh is still asleep!

She cried for roughly 2 hours last night. Ah. Made me melt. We knew she was hungry because she only ate 2 bottles yesterday! She's normally a pig. And for her to deny any food . . . Sucks. She hates the bottle! So I broke down and fed her. My doc told me to wait at least 12 hrs, 24 would be best and 36 to be absolutely sure. But after her denying bottles all day and hearing her cry for 2 hours, I gave in. I guess it really is official, she's a boob baby.

I did consult with another breast feeding mom / doctor and has several nursing / doctor friends. So, made me feel better. She's an awesome 'go to'.

I pumped for 9 months with Houston. And that didn't bother me. But looks like ill be breast feeding Joanie till she's one! Laugh. Nah. We are going to keep trying bottles and see how she does. Matt can usually get her to take one or two from him. But anymore than that, she's done.

Oh Joanie.

So I've been investing in more breast feeding clothes / bras / tanks. I didn't with Houston because I would just go into a private room and pump. But looks like ill be feeding more frequently with Tubbs.

Houston, on the other hand, is talking in his sleep. So confusing for me because he will wake up, calm for me, "mama, I need you." And by the time I get there, he's asleep. So, he has to be sleep talking! I've noticed it several times. Jess was really bad at this. Maybe that's one of the traits he got from me (since he's all daddy).

Ok. I've been awake for an hour. It's time I go back to sleep. Till next convenient blog post!

I love this app.

Oh, wanted to share a little photo :) trying to do at least one with each post!

"Inna hold Toni, mama. I hold her. "

He loves her. And she loves him! So crazy. They have an unspoken bond!

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