Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Addition(s)

When Jackson went missing, Matt and I started to get lonely. Mason, our other kitty, mainly stays outside . . . so we N-E-V-E-R see him. We wanted a kitty to snuggle with and show US some attention! So, Matt started looking . . . we looked at several places (5, I think) in Columbia and didn't find any kitty that 'clicked' with us. Finally one night . . . Matt saw 'Jewel' -- renamed to 'Millie', and still being discussed -- in Aiken, SC. Of course, he always finds the good cats at some shelter where we have to drive an hour to get there! Mr. Zoe came from Newberry and Jackson came from Camden . . . and now, our new addition was coming from Aiken.

So, one Tuesday, Houston and I set down the road, on our journey to bring home 'Millie'. The only problem was . . . I found another kitty I fell in love with! Whoopsie! I couldn't help it! He was so cute!! His name was 'Xane', renamed to 'Sloan'. He had these puffy big eyes and was just staring at me! And playing with 'Millie' . . . I couldn't resist! I texted Matt if I could bring home two -- his response -- 'NO!' -- And so I did anyways. Whoopsie. BUT come on! I couldn't resist!

Look how cute they are! And they are best buds! They cuddle together and play together . . . How could you split that up! Not to mention, Houston is in LOVE with them!

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  1. Not sure how I found this blog, but it is adorable. I love the pics of the kitties! I have one cat, good luch with the coming to you to snuggle thing. Mine only does that when he wants something. Great blog! Great job!