Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Sunday

... two week too late? nah.

Sorry for the late Easter blog... but, we've had a full plate lately. Seems like we don't find too many free moments!! Sigh. But now that I do have a moment and Houston is sitting in his bumbo seat and blogging with me... Here is our story of Easter Sunday!

We started out Saturday night with Aunt Jessie and Edwie and Uncle Grant... dying Easter eggs. Well, mainly Jess, Houston and I dying Easter eggs while the boys watch the rest of the final 5 on TV.

Sunday morning we went through Houston's Easter basket... Where the Easter bunny brought him clothes and candy... ahem. Well, brought Daddy and I candy! Yum.

As you can tell, he didn't care too much for the basket. So, off to church we went. Where Houston cried during the service... mainly because we had hand bells that did not sound good. Ahem. I mean, it was beautiful.

And of course... we followed up our Church service with a nice Sunday dinner at JoJo's... Where we all had photo shoots...

Of Course, the Babies are the cutest photo of all!!

After a big dinner at JoJo's we headed to Deeda and Dukes! to enjoy another dinner... sigh (and I am suppose to be losing baby weight... ). And enjoy some Deeda, Duke, Grant, Janie, Doug, Katie and Maggie time... whoa!

It sure was one big day!! But, overall, it was a beautiful Easter with our baby boy.

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