Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where is Waldo?

All I see now when I walk into a room is a little head peeping over something... either the crib, the bedding, the counter, etc.

I love the 'Waldo stage'!

Although, Houston is quickly by passing the 'Waldo Stage'... He now wants to hold your hand and WALK -- yes, I said WALK -- everywhere. Tear. Makes me sad my boo is growing up!


  1. awww!! Look at little H!!! That is probably my favorite picture of all time.

  2. Cassie has gotten the same way too lol. its funny to be sitting in our recliner and up comes a little head grinning from ear to ear cuz she stood up by herself to be nosey lol. she wants to walk really bad for the past month now i cant keep up with her even holding her hands lol. they do grow up way too fast and before you know it houston will be running around the house lol.