Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our recent lives.

Blogging hasn't been on our minds lately. . . as we have a VERY active toddler on our hands. And, I am not afraid to admit, that our child has entered the 'terrible twos'.

I used to get comments from many people, about how good my child was . . . whether it was in the store, walking around the neighborhood, eating out, etc . . . it didn't matter. He would always behave. Sigh. Where did those days go? Now, he runs around like a banchee. A crazy kid. If he didn't look so cute, I'm not sure I would claim him. j. But, he has indeed made a deal w. the devil . . . I am just praying this 'deal' doesn't last a full year . . . or longer.

I would really like to get back into my old routine of blogging. It might help my mental state of dealing w. my devilish child. Or better, I might get some ideas on 'decipline'. Sigh. Because spankings and timeout is all we get into in our household! For instance, the other morning, my sweet devil woke up in the worst mood . . . oh wait, that is most mornings. j. He pitched the biggest fit, just to change his diaper. I was tempted to leave it on, poopy and all. Why not, right? But I didn't have it in me to leave something that smelly on him. However, I did have to spank him twice to keep from rolling over and running away . . . AND put him in timeout twice because he didn't respond to the spanking as well as continued to run as I was dressing him. Sigh. His morning routines are quite traumatic. All he wants to do is wake up and sit in my bed naked and watch TV.

I mean, I get it. It's comfortable. Why not do all the things you can't do as a grown up. Right? It only makes sense. BUT, where do you draw the line? Ya know? Let's face it, we all want to do the things we can't. Life sucks sometimes, Get over it.

Laugh. I'm awful.

On another note . . . a side my venting of my wild child . . . our lives are pretty good / normal. We have been doing the same ole thing, working and parenting. Not too many exciting things in our household. We have planned a little vacation to NC to see my dad's family . . . should be fun! We are excited to spend some quality time with them. We do not see them but maybe twice a year, so we are excited.

 Well, thanks for listening / reading my venting blog . . . I know it's been awhile since you last read about us . . . and the first thing you read in  - - um, 2 months is a venting blog - - I promise they wont all be like this.


Take a look at our banchee for Halloween. It was hard to even get a decent photo of him cause he was . . . well . . . running wild. DUH. 

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