Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Sunday

This weekend, I had planned with Tomme Hilton (my photographer that I work with) to do some family portraits for Matt, Houston and I -- since I am always the one behind the camera, I never have any decent photos of Houston and I, much less Matt and I. So, after weeks of planning and two days worth of shopping. . . we were ready . . . and drove two hours to Summerville this Sunday. Well, us adults were . . . Houston, not so much! He wasn't too interested in 'listening' and 'the camera' . . . he was more interested in running around like the banchee that is has become. Which worked out, because Matt and I were finally able to have a 'moment' and get a few of ourselves! Take a look! OH -- and yes, we did get a few images of the three  of us. However, you can see the struggle and attempts to 'bust' out of our grips. Laugh.

Not only did Matt, Houston and I take family portraits, we drug Jess along with us for a Sassy Twin Session. Laugh. Yep, we wanted twin portraits. I have only posted a few of Jess and I . . . If you would like to see more, you can look at them in our photos on Tomme Hilton Gallery's fan page.  I will set up the link to the blog once we get more posted :) Enjoy!

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