Tuesday, October 23, 2012

one month.

it's been ONE MONTH since our lil' girl came into this world! And since then . . . we've been doing nothing but adjusting and working! I'd have to say, she's a great baby. She's quite the eater and the sleeper! Here are a few things she's doing now:

Joanie Leigh normally eats 4 to 5 oz. at each feeding. She is still on the breast but we are transitioning to bottles during the day.

She sleeps about 4 hour spans at night while staying awake most of the day . . . or not 'sleeping hard' during her 'day naps'. She will have 'off days' where she sleeps most of the day and thru the night . . . but mostly she's got her days and nights figured out. 

She hates bath time. She's really only enjoyed bath time once or twice. Poor thing.

Joanie Leigh is beginning to lift her head. It's so cute. I took a photo from Matt's phone the other day with her sitting on his chest and holding that head up! She's such a big girl!

She hates to lay down flat.

She doesn't mind getting her diaper changed . . . even thru the night! She just lays there.

Joanie Leigh is still quite the 'spitter upper'. UGH. She is doing better but still spits up.

At a month old, we have by passed the 'Newborn' clothes and entered the 3 month drawer. Laugh. She's such a chunk! 

There are a ton of things I am sure I am missing! But one thing I can tell you, is that Houston LOVES her. He sings to her when she's crying. He 'watches' her when I go to the bathroom. You know. . . all the 'big boy' responsibilities. He always asks if she's okay. And he doesn't mind her 'playing' with his cars. Whew.

I will post some up to date photos soon! Till then, if you haven't seen our Birth Announcement, here it is!!

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