Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garnet and Black.

This Saturday Matt, Jess, Edwin, Barrett, Maegan and I all went to the first USC home game of the 2009 season. Edwin's parents, brother and us have 3 spots in the Fair Grounds right next to ea. other -- a great set up for the season I must say! Barrett's brother Camden met up with us -- and boy did Jess and I enjoy his company!  Mainly b.c she loved making fun of his 80's shorts and side swoop! After all the joking, we sure do hope he comes back!

There were more serious things going on at the tailgate too ... like taking the boys 2.5 hours to hook up the TV -- they were not happy about this -- BUT a TV is a must when we tailgate, we have to keep track of ALL other games of the season -- while the ladies tried to stay cool. It was overcast most of the day, but it sure was hot! Thanks to all the ladies - we had lots of food and it was all delicious!

AND we had a lots of fun! Cant wait to do it again for another home game!

(hopefully my belly will go back to the same size as Jess' -- dreaming big)


  1. Hi Erika! Its your long lost Graphic Design/Winthrop friend (Megan) Just found your blog through FB! Your lil' preggo belly is so cute! You look great!

  2. wups, just realized i spelled your name wrong :-( (Erica) That means its been way too long!