Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day weekend.

Last weekend Matt and I went up to visit my dad's side of the family in NC. We couldn't miss out on the first USC game of the year! Matt and I rode up Thursday morning/afternoon to meet up with my Cousin Benton to tailgate. We enjoyed a long day of tailgating the way the WolfPacks do and meeting Benton's friends. We then walked over to meet up with Stan and his fiancee Suzanne to have a small chat before we headed into the game.



After the game we went home with my uncle to get a good nights rest! Friday we took a nice walk around Lake Johnson -- it was a trick.  Stan said the walk was only half a mile - yea. It was more like a 2 mile hike. But, Matt and I enjoyed our exercise for the day!
Later that night we headed over to my aunt Carol and uncle Eddie's house in Liberty, NC. We had a great nights visit. We ate at Captain Tom's -- the best restaurant in Ramser, NC -- well, it may be their only restaurant. j.
Saturday morning we woke up and took a walk down to their pond to see their new deck. We fed the fish and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.
After left Carol & Eddies, we went to visit Granddaddy King. It was a great visit. We brought him lunch and listened to story after story.
We did not return home until 9:30 that night. We were both exhausted. But we are glad that we got to spend a nice long visit with my family AND that baby b got to experience his first Carolina game.
We came home to spend more family time with Matt's side of the family. Sunday, Matt, his cousin Corey, Corey's girlfriend Chelsea, and I all went out on the lake. We enjoyed the last lake day of the year - sad - but, it was a beautiful day.  That evening we went over to his aunt Kathy and Dewayne's house to celebrate aunt Kathy's birthday! We had hamburgers and hotdogs and CAKE! (btw, sweets have been my weakness... laugh. if you know me well, you know that I typically hate sweets. It is always salty foods... but, apparently baby b thinks otherwise). After a good night of family time, we went home - while Matt and Corey stayed up and played, Chelsea and I fell asleep on the couch =) Thanks sleeping partner!
Monday morning I woke up and enjoyed the Chapin Labor Day Parade with my family. Take a look at how Josie and Wes enjoyed it. Jess and I left the parade festivities to eat lunch and say our goodbyes to Corey and Chelsea. Their flight was Tuesday afternoon and we wont see them till next year =( BUT it was a great weekend and a great visit!

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