Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slumber Party!


This past Friday night, Brandy, Josie and Wes met Matt and I in Lexington for a SUSHI date! Have no fear all, it was cooked Sushi -- which has been the only thing I have craved during my pregnancy! After our dinner date, Josie was coming to spend the night at Ca-Ca and Matt's! SLUMBER PARTY!

Brandy told me to fix her a little bed on the floor and she will be fine down there... except in the morning, this is what was in her bed:

And this is what was in my bed:


There was a thunderstorm that night, so she layed in bed with me for awhile till she fell asleep. But, when I tried to move her... eyes popped open and said, 'What you doing Ca-Ca'... SO, I left her alone. She wasnt too bad... It was almost like sleeping with Jess -- quite the wiggle worm.

Meanwhile that morning, Josie enjoyed all our animals. She loved chasing each one and calling them by name (like they were going to listen)... she even got kisses from BELLE!

Can't wait till lil' Wes gets to spend the night =)

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