Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston . Shower

Houston had his first shower Sunday! It was given by Deda's (Matt's Mom) family and good friends. Houston got so many things for his arrival! He is so blessed to be loved by so many already! Matt and I could not Thank everyone enough for everything we got! Here are a few snapshots from Sunday afternoon! 

*The yummy Cake!

*Houston's Initials -- weird seeing it for the first time.

*Janie giving the 'toast' before the blessing of the yummy food!

*Josie and Deda -- apparently listening very well to something.

 *Kennedy, Logan (Matt's Cousins) and Josie (my niece) helped me with every gift! Well, Lets just say that all I did was read the cards!

*Some of Houston's items!*
The 2 blankets on the left (white and yellow) are what Nana (Matt's grandma) Knitted -- The white fluffy bear is from Ms. E. Weed -- the other white dotted bear is from Bob Bob (my mom) -- the blue dog is from Mrs. Cindy (Edwin's Mom) -- and the Houston blanket on the right is what Bob Bob made (my mom)! So many goodies!

*More of his gifts*
The stripped dog is from Deda (Matt's mom) -- the blankets and sheets are from Aunt Leigh and Shelby (Matt's Aunt and Cousin)

*Houston's Booties Brandy (my sister) crocheted!

*His Cowboy boots! Cant wait to get these on him!

*His first ornament.  Can't wait to put this on the Tree this year!

Houston got so many other big gifts -- High Chair, Pack n play, Stroller & Carseat.... the list goes on!

Matt and I want to Thank everyone who participated and came to share this special time with us! We are so thankful to have amazing family and friends in our lives!

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