Thursday, November 19, 2009

Matt's Bump

Dont be fooled... Matt's bump is not the same as my bump.... its a bump on the head.

Matt was holding a ladder for a guy at work when a light (at a factory) fell out of the ceiling and cut his head open! It took us 4 hours for the doctor to see us (it was the emergency room... ugh). He finally got to us and cleaned up Matt's head.  As the doc was cleaning, I was watching -- I thought I loved to see this kind of stuff... Little did I know - sigh - I got dizzy and had to sit down -- but the cut was so long and deep (all the way to the skull) that when the doc peeled up the skin to clean the wound, you could see the end of the hair follicles... YUCK! It was cool, dont get me wrong -- but probably not the best thing for a pregnant women to stare at -- 20 minutes later -- the doc got done stapling and I wasn't dizzy anymore, Matt sat up to leave -- then blood started pouring down the side of his face -- yep, there I go again. Dizzy once more. Except this time I couldnt hear anything Matt and the nurse was talking about... sigh. What a mom I am going to be... hopefully it wont be ME that passes out during my delivery!  Matt got his head stapled w. hardly any numbing and I did worse than he did! Once we got all the blood cleaned up, we were set on our way home!

after 4 hours in a nasty emergency room, 6 staples, no shower, a restless nights sleep....

a day later and FINALLY a shower... here we are:

*they already look a lot better!

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