Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This Saturday, we had our munchkin's birth.day.party. AND I must say... it was a success!


I had been planning it for a couple weeks. And started the decorations / party favors a week in advance.  I had talked my self into doing most everything solo... with the help of Jess of course [she also blogged about H.'s birthday party]. She came over twice to help me decorate / prepare for H.'s party -- we even made a midnight trip to good ole' Wally World -- who knew we still had it in us. While everyone else in the family [mom, brandy, jojo, donna] helped make the food. We were all assigned something yummy to make for the 30+ guests that were to show -- yep, you heard me -- 30+ guests... in our [new] home. sigh. It was a tight sqeeze, but we fit. [i want to add that it was ALL family. minus 3 friends + 1 baby]

Over all, it was GREAT. And Houston enjoyed it -- I think. 

[After all, our family doesn't have just ONE birthday party... we have several. Mom decided to have her 'own' party for Houston today for lunch w. josie + wes. Then, Matt and I celebrated w. our monster for dinner. Over all, he had THREE birth.day.parties]


Take a look at the past couple days.


Thank you all for making Houston's birthday so special!!

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