Monday, January 10, 2011

Mister Zoe

So far we have not started our 2011 on a good start. Houston and I brought in the New Year with a bad cold. We were shortly getting over it when we were hit by a nasty stomach bug that took down our entire house hold. NOW, we are terribly missing our Zo-Zo.

Four years ago this past Christmas, Matt gave me my first pet -- Mister Zoe.
Most of you know, that when we first got him, we thought it was a girl... but 3 weeks after getting 'her'... 'his' balls dropped! Laugh. So, hence the name, MISTER Zoe.

He was the best cat. He would keep to himself but occasionally would want love. He would go outside [most of the time] to go to the bathroom. But, if he ever had to go to the bathroom inside... he made sure to do so in the bath tub or in the sink [easy clean up]. He would chirp at birds in the window. He would talk to me. He would notify me if he needed or wanted to go outside. He never clawed the furniture [except one chair that was his]. And most of all, he snuggled with me at night. He was my baby.

Unfortunately, this past Friday, Mister Zoe was ran over by our neighbors [she didn't mean too and she was so upset after it happened]... but, he now lays in 'Kitty Heaven'.

RIP my Zoe.

I am so glad that Houston got to know him... and love him... and annoy him. I sure am going to miss my Zoe. He was my best 'kitty' friend.

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