Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our lil' Houston has started School. Well, not 'real' school, but it's the Mother's Morning Out program at Lake Murray Presbyterian Church. Monday was Houston's first day... and he LOVED it. The teachers said that he was the 'hit' of the gym. And that everyone wanted to take him home of course!

When I dropped him off today, he immediately ran over to the toys saying, 'ball. ball.' He could care less that his mommy was leaving him! Laugh. My lil' monster. And then, when I went to pick him up... he just turned his head, looked and me and went right back to playing.

It's very comforting to know he loves it so much. And its relieving to me when I see this in the back seat of my car...

... this was only after being in the car for 2 minutes. It wears him out! And I LOVE IT. Sigh. My baby is growing up.

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