Monday, August 13, 2012

33.5 weeks

This pregnancy, I have experienced it all . . . I have had a cold / sinus infection / stomach bug and now a sore throat. ARGH.

Not to mention all the other pregnancy symptoms I have had . . . extreme nausea / constipation / dry eyes / nose bleeds / sleep insomnia / belly button half poking / varicose vains (thank god no one can see them) / peeing every time I take a sip of something / fatigue (only in the 3rd trimester) / hard braxton hicks (these darn things take my breathe away) / unexplainable rashes / pinched sciatic nerve . . .

BUT, I have gotten a few good things from this pregnancy . . . glowing skin / great hair / low weight gain . . . ALL of which were AWFUL with Houston . . .

And the BEST thing I am getting from all of this . . . JOANIE LEIGH!

33.5 weeks and counting . . .

Okay, enough negative talk about this pregnancy. I am pretty sure I have done plenty of that with ea. blog post! On a lighter note, I had my 33 week check up on Friday with Dr. Stands . . . and all went well!! I have successfully gained 20 pounds! YAY! And everything else looks / measures fine! We are still on our way to our due date 9.27.12 -- now 6.5 weeks away!! Fingers are still crossed for a 2 week early arrival . . . much more preferred than a one week post due date arrival! Laugh. We don't REALLY care . . . just as long as she comes our healthy!

We had our baby shower this past Saturday and it was so nice to see all our friends. It was a girls only shower! Just easier with the space and knowing that most everyone has kids, someone needs to stay home and watch those babies! j. It was a diapers / wipes / gift cards shower but Joanie Leigh got LOTS more than diapers / wipes / gift cards! So many cute monogrammed gifts / outfits / picture frames / books and extras! We are very blessed to have so many wonderful people make her arrival so special! Photos to come later! Jess was in charge of the photos . . . so they are on her camera!

What's new? Nothing really! We are done purchasing EVERYTHING she needs. We are done with her room. Everything is washed and ready for her arrival! Photos will come now that it's put together! All that is left is her bassinet 'bedding and her Moses basket 'bedding' both of which my mom is making! So, stay tuned to see the final results!!

The last two steps that Matt and I need to make are 1. pack our hospital bags. and 2. put the car seat in the car.

Maybe 3 steps . . . We still can't decide on what to do with Houston once I go into labor. Laugh. We said we would 'play it by ear' depending on if I go into labor on my own and depending on the time of day / time of week. Laugh. But we still haven't figured out the options! 

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