Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Boy Bed = Check :: Potty Training = Check

Sleeping in our big boy bed + potty training were mommies two big tasks this summer! And with the summer ending and Joanie approaching . . . I must say, we are two for two!

Now, I don't want to brag too much too soon . . . and don't get me wrong . . . he has his moments. We do have accidents and we do sometimes slip into mommy and daddy's bed in the middle of the night. However, the past two weeks have been AWESOME! He hasn't slipped into bed with us ONCE! AND he has started to 'poo poo' in the potty!

Poo Pooing in the potty has been a task . . . he used to HATE doing it and would hardly let us sit him on the throne . . . now, we go. And the conversations on the pot go like this:

Houston:  "Mama, did you hear it?"
Me:  "Yes, buddy, I heard it. Good job. Mommy's proud of you."
Houston smiles.
Houston:  "Mama, dats a big won."
Me:  "Yes, yes it is. Now are you finished?"
Houston:  "Nope."

A long pause.

Me: "Are you done now?"
Houston: "Mama, I flush it?"
Me: "Not till you are finished. Are you done now?"
Houston: "Nope."

Another long pause. And repeat until he says, "Mama, I done."

He has become quite the 'sitter'. Laugh. BUT, at least we are making it in the pot! YAY! We still have some 'tee tee' accidents. And our hardest challenge is when we 'travel' . . . getting him to go before we get in the car and making sure he 'holds' it till our destination. THEN, letting us know while we are at our destination that he has to go pee. He has done well the past week and I only hope he gets better! It's hard, but seeing the no.5 diapers deplete from the Billingsley Household excites me!

OH, and we still sleep in diapers. I have bought the protection cover for his bed, but I just can't do it yet. Not till he is good ALL the time during the day will I risk the night time wets. AH. We are so far along but so far to go!

I couldn't get a photo of him on the pot for a few giggles . . . but this one is close enough. H in his 'undies' being a typical man.

Everyone says he is going to kill me when he gets older . . . but I don't care. He's too cute!
He likes sporting off his big boy undies . . . or panties as I call them.  I'm getting better!


  1. He's a hottie :-)

  2. Email me about the other types of underwear he wears. ALL OTHER TYPES OF UNDERWEAR: thomas,Paw Patrol, you name it. THIS IS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!

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