Wednesday, August 22, 2012

34.5 weeks.

Our 34th week into this pregnancy . . . a little late, since this week we have completed our 35th and started our 36th. Whoops. It's so hard to keep up!!

34 weeks is just about the same as our last 33 . . . enjoyable but miserable.

I started with BH contractions again on Sunday . . . not so steady during that morning but by night time, I was 10 min. apart for a couple hours. These contractions are stronger than the last set. They are harder and stronger, they take my breathe away for a moment, make my legs tingle / go numb and I can feel it 'downstairs'.  I knew I wasn't in labor . . . so I didn't want to 'call in', but I did 'get in trouble' last time I didn't call . . . so I figured I'd wait till the morning :) Laugh. It took me awhile to go to sleep. But, I woke up and they had slowed down but were still coming . . . Darn. I guess I should call. So I did. Of course they told me to 'come in' and let's 'check it out'. BLAH.  I was there for 2 hours WAITING for them to see me. It's a good thing I wasn't in real labor! j.

I did luck out tho, my primary OB was on call and he checked me. He said her head is WAY down (there is the pressure) and that I have started to efface but not dilated any.  This is just my body getting ready for the 'big debut'. Well, DUH. I knew that! However, he does want me to continue to take it easy till I'm full term so we don't have a baby. I go back to the doc. next week to meet with him for my 36 week checkup and we can discuss options for delivery! YAY! Because I am READY.

I've tried to talk my self into letting this pregnancy take it's course and let the 'good man upstairs' tell me when she is ready . . . however, I can't deny it . . . I am MISERABLE. I am still having contractions. I can't sleep at night. I can't breathe. I can barely walk without feeling this bowling ball between my legs. My legs now feel like noodles from the contractions and so much pressure. I have felt hung over for the past 9 months and I am so ready to feel 'normal'. I'm still constipated and I am TIRED of trying to go. Trust me, MiraLAX / Metamucil / stool softeners / fiber pills only go so far. I chug water ALL day that I pee 4 times a night. I probably could eat better to help my constipation, but dang, being so nauseous makes you only want to eat so many 'good foods'.

Point is . . . I am starting to get exhausted from all of this . . . and my thinking, why let me continue to be exhausted when a newborn isn't even here yet. I will DIE once she arrives! I keep thinking of 'how did I do this and go all the way to 41 weeks with Houston' . . . but I was no where near all of this. Maybe in the last week did I start feeling the exhaustion take over from pregnancy. But, this has been going on for a while that I am purely exhausted!!!!!

On the bright side, my weight gain is still down. I'm at 24.5 lbs. I am told all the time how 'great I look' and 'small I am' but I sure don't feel it. This baby is really sticking out there now! It's hard to roll out of bed and get in / out of the car. Laugh. This week you can start to see the exhaustion in my eyes. Thank goodness I get 'nap time' with Houston during the day! Otherwise, I'm not quite sure I'd make it! haha. 

34.5 weeks

Houston doesn't get much 'mommy, I hold you' time anymore :(

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