Sunday, August 5, 2012

my houston.

I have one crazy child! He is so outgoing . . . WILD! For one thing, he LOVES to play dress up . . . sounds weird for a lil' boy, BUT he thinks it's so funny to walk around in my clothes / accessories. I mean, I get it . . . he sees me doing it EVERYDAY . . . so to him it's normal. And have no fear, we only let him do it and laugh . . . it's not like we let him go out of the house this way!!

This was the day I was dressing up for my Maternity Photos . . . so, he dressed up too!!

Not only is he playing dress up . . . he is beginning to 'mock' you. AH. Scary! Especially since Jess lives with us! And if you know my sister, she 'corrupts' our kids! j. She has taught Josie and Wes many things that we all 'shake our heads at' but then we can't help but laugh! So now, when Houston goes up to 'GiGi's House', he usually comes back down with some sort of new trick! The newest is 'making faces' and giving you 'FINGERS' and giving it to you 'crooked'. And for those of you who don't know what 'crooked' is . . . Houston tries really hard to give you the 'peace' sign with his two fingers, but he can't . . . he can only 'criss cross' them (like you do when you are wishing for something) . . . and Jess has now taught him to 'give it to people crooked' . . . OH GAH!

silly days up in GiGi's House

AND, he has become quite the lover. He absolutely LOVES our animals. ALL of them. All three cats. Even Jess' classroom pets, turtle and fish. Which turtle was recently given away, thankfully he hasn't noticed. He loves Belle and Pollie (Matt's dog and Donna's dog, they stay at Bob and Donna's). OH, and can't forget Pepper, Jojo's cat (well, it's really Earl's cat).

Here is H with Millie . . . he loves rubbing her belly.

giving Millie love.

And he loves them SO much that he has conversations with them . . . don't ask! Jess got Joanie Leigh a cute lil' hat for her shower next weekend (she can't keep secrets) and she was showing Matt and I her new hat . . . in the midst of her showing us, Houston decided he wanted to show Sloan. And tell Sloan that it's too small for him, and that it only fits Joanie's head. Laugh. HE IS SUCH A MESS!!  And isn't her hat cute!!!

H showing off Joanie Leigh's new hat from GiGi

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