Monday, January 9, 2012

baby day.

I wrote this blog last night and meant to 'reread' and 'post' last night after bath time w. Houston . . . but, I fell asleep before H could even get to bed! Whoopsie! No worries tho. -- Matt was rocking him when I fell asleep. I had done the bath, brushed his teeth, jammies, a short rock and a nightly milk (which we need to cut out) and then . . . Houston was a daddy's boy. While I shut my eyes for a moment . . . that resulted in a 9 o'clock bed time for me and slept till 7 this morning! I got my rest!

But still felt very tired.  I just haven't caught up on my sleep from this past week while H was sick. He had a fever early in the week and he hasn't slept well. So, we've been up about 2 hours or so during the night. Gosh, I hate these weeks . . . but I am so thankful that I don't have to wake up early and work all day in corporate America any more . . . If so, I am pretty sure I would kill someone. J. But bless those working mom's and dad's that do it! Kudos to you!

So, my last night's blog . . .

.  .  .  .  .

Today was a day full of babies and great new beginnings. This morning started by watching my child hold a comb like a microphone and sing (babble) as loud as he could and 'dance' like he was a Rockstar. I should have filmed it but we were rocking out to my Pandora. It was the funniest thing I have seen him do in a long time. I'm kicking myself in the butt now for not recording it . . . but, I have to remember I can't document every moment. Although, I sure like to try!

We then went up to Jojo's for our Sunday dinner (aka. lunch.) When we arrived our cousins were next door w. the Twins! Our cousin Kim had a set of twins (girls, Karsyn and Karter) born about two months ago.

Her brother is having his set of twins delivered next Monday.  And yes, you heard me correctly. Two sets of twins in the same family! Making this next set our 6th living set on my side of the family . . . not to mention, Matt's side of the family. Odds are high for us! But, we will see. I wouldn't mind having twins . . . However, we always joke that Jess would be the one to be blessed w. two since she 'says' she only wants one. Laugh. Who knows what God will have in store for us all!

BUT, back to the 'new' twins. . .  They were next door today and pretty much everyone walked over in shifts to hold them :) We like our quality baby time! Matt was smitten over Karter. He just sat there, holding her, googly eyed over her. Even Houston loved them. He kept pointing and saying, 'baby' and loving them. It was precious. I tried to hold Karter for a moment, but the diva wanted more of her bottle and couldn't quite get settled during our 'shift'.

After visiting the twins and spending our Sunday time w. the family during 'dinner', I had a baby shower to attend for one of our friends, Jill. I think there are 3 of Matt's girl friends from High School that are preggo right now and one just had hers. The other two are due wthin a month from each other. At Jill's showers, there were several pregnant and about 3 or so babies there. Whew. Lots of babies everywhere! When I had my baby shower, it was odd . . . no babies present at any! Now several of our friends are 'popping' them out! Makes me think about when our next one will be.

I keep teeter tottering back and forth on when the 'right time' is to have another . . . but, I keep telling myself that it's up to the good Lord to decide. I am happy with where we are right now . . . and spending quality time w. our Bubby. For instance, right now I am typing this blog while resting / laying in bed talking and tickling our 'baby' . . . spending quality time before he turns TWO in ten days!

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