Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our next Christmas Celebration was Christmas Eve. A fun fun day . . . and a sick sick day for me. Whew. I believe I was high on cough meds . . . whoopsie. But, everyone else seemed to really enjoy the day :)

We spent the first half of the day w.  Duke and Deeda . . . Houston mostly napped the entire time there . . . so we just curled up on the couch and watched some TV and set up Deeda's new iPad w. games / books for Houston to play. And ever since . . . he hasn't gotten away from it! H loves to play games / read books on iPad / iPhone. He is such a little technology baby. I need to break him of some of it!

Then we headed to Jojo's for our Christmas Eve dinner and present opening w. the 'Cumalander' side of the family. It was a little weird this year cause Jess wasn't around . . . she was spending some time in NYC w. our friend Teresa and her family. But, we had some 'fill ins'. The Richardson and Lindler families decided to eat with us this year. So, we had plenty of entertainment and company :)

Take a look at some of the happenings:

Then we went back to Duke and Deeda's house for our 'Christmas Eve'. Papaw (Matt's granddad on his dad's side) and Uncle Bill were there. The Adams: Janie, Doug, Maggie, Katie and little Jaden walked over for a bit and we opened presents between the kids. We watched them play w. Houston's trucks together. It was funny to see them play together . . . to see what they like and don't like. Matt's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dewayne had also brought over a HUGE stuffed animal horse before they went to TX . . . and Jaden and H climbed all over it. Laugh. A bunch of clowns.

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