Monday, January 2, 2012

Houston Family Christmas

Sunday, December 18th, we had our annual Houston family Christmas dinner / lunch. We drove up to Greenville / Simpsonville, SC to Nana and Papa's house (Matt's grandparents on his mama's side). We have such a LARGE family on that side . . . so, lunch is always eventful and full of love. There are about, 20 of us, when we are all present and I think about 18 where there . . . We had . . .

Nana and Papa
Leanne and the three girls (Emerson, Logan and Kenny Brooke)
Donna and Bob
Aunt Gaga and Jimmy
Aunt Barbara, John and Allston
Kendall and Peter w. their cute new little puppy
and Matt, Houston and I

Whew, that is how many? 18! We were missing Grant and Sarah and Uncle Billy. We missed seeing them . . . But, we still had a GREAT time. Houston mostly played w. Matt's trucks he had at Nana and Papa's when he was little . . . along with running around with the girls, Kennedy and Logan and Emerson. . . while us adults laughed at the kiddos, caught up on what everyone was doing and playing w. Kendall's new pup!!

We opened presents at the end . . . and it really is like Christmas when we all open presents up there!! Paper every where! Presents being passed left and right. The kids opening their new toys. Everyone talking. Smiles. So much fun :) 

I didn't take any family photos cause, stupid me, some how my camera got 'turned' on and the battery was dead . . . and I had a photo session that afternoon and so, my batteries were charging. Boo. I know. Plus, so much was going on . . . I'm not sure I could have captured it all!! 

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