Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my boy.

I have been doing GREAT on 'my blogging' skills here lately. . . . keeping everyone updated on our lives and how we spent our Holiday Season. I still have our New Year photos to post . . . which will come soon. I also have photos from Houston's Birthday Celebration we had on Sunday! YAY! Till the catch up photos, I wanted to talk about my 'H-man'.

.  .  .  .  . 

Houston will be TWO tomorrow. Tear. Lots of tears for me. I cannot believe that it has been TWO YEARS already. At times, he still looks like a little baby to me . . . but most of the time, I see a toddler.

Houston now says:
'MA' -- Loud and yankee sounding . . . he's my lil' yankee child.
'Da or Daddy' -- soft and sweet.
'Tanks' -- Thanks.
'Uv ou.' -- Not sure on that spelling . . . But he says, I love you.
'I wan dat' -- I want that.
'MMMMAAAAA!! Juice' -- He usually YELLS the Ma part and says Juice softly. Silly boy.
'I see.'
'I wan dum.' -- I want Gum.
'uh huh' -- Yes.
'Dutch.' -- Don't.
'Talor' -- Trailer.
'PopPop' -- Tractor.
'Chuch' -- Chocolate.
ChooChoo' -- Train.

We are still working on 'sentences' -- but he's getting there. He can count to three if you direct him. But he wont say 'two'. Its, 'One, Free, Free.' And it's the same way when you ask him how hold he is . . . 'Free'. Sigh. He's getting there.

He can name every 'basic' animal and say the sound. 

He LOVES my uncle Fred. And says his name too! Too precious for words. He will cry for Fred as soon as he walks out the door.

He can pretty much say every one's name in the family (except Grant and Brandy and Dave -- sorry yall, he will get it).  Most recently, he LOVES to call WES.

Finding airplanes in the sky is a hobby for H. He will walk outside and look straight up.

He still likes to grab my comb in the bathroom and hold it like a microphone and sing.

He takes two baths a day . . . boy LOVES water.

Noodles are his FAVORITE. Along w. Oranges (which is weird cause I ate oranges all the time when I was preggo w. him).

Houston double steps it when he walks. He doesn't have a 'slow kids' walk . . . it's a fast pace / run. He is always double stepping it. LOVE watching him walk. Sometimes when he does run, he sticks his hands out behind him like Earl used to do. Sigh. Melts my heart every time.

OH, and we can't forget the Chocolate Milk. Boy will drink a gallon of milk in three days or less. He LOVES it. But, you have to put the 'chuch' in it.

And everything is the color blue. Laugh. My monkey!!

.  .  .  .  .

So, that's my kiddo for you! A wild thing. Until tomorrow or Thursday . . . I will update you on our New Years and Houston's Birthday.

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