Monday, January 2, 2012

Raleigh Christmas

A couple weeks ago, we spent the weekend with our dad's side of the family in NC. Matt, Houston, Jess and I drove up Friday night to spend the night with our Aunt Carol and Uncle Eddie in Liberty -- about an hour or so shy of Raleigh (where the rest of the King family was staying). I was nervous to make the Christmas adventure . . . for most of you who read our blog, Houston doesn't travel real well . . . and our last adventure to Raleigh ended a day early due to the lack of sleep. So, this mama was VERY nervous for our two night, two day 'King' family Christmas.

The drive up is about a 3 hr 15 min drive . . . that took us 4+ hrs to our destination. Which, wasn't bad considering we made several 'pitt' stops for dinner and diapers changes, etc. AND the best part . . . the drive 'lulled' Houston to sleep! Horray. All we had to do was get settled in and lay him down and cross our fingers he would sleep ALL night!

Oh, I forgot to mention, Carol and Eddie have a camper down by a pond behind their house . . . and Matt and I decided that we wanted to sleep down there next time we visited . . . so we did. BUT, we didn't think about where everything would fit. Laugh. Between, Matt, Jess, Houston and I . . .  we were packed in there!! It was a tight squeeze, but a warm squeeze! Thankfully, the camper has heat, it has electricity, it has a TV (Matt was THRILLED!), it has everything you 'need' to survive and more. So, we 'moved' in, got Houston's pack-n-play set up and made the transfer . . . and baby slept ALL NIGHT! I couldn't believe it. I was beyond words.

NIGHT ONE:  Success

That morning we drove over to our Uncle and Aunts home in Raleigh and spent the entire day with them. It was a blast. We went to a local flee market in Raleigh and walked around . . . went to a park and let the kiddo's play for a bit.  Came back and had a wonderful dinner prepared by our Aunt SueSue. Then, it was present time!!

DAY ONE:  Success

Houston then again, fell asleep in the car on the way back to Liberty . . . transfer two into the camper . . . Success! And he then again, slept ALL night.

NIGHT TWO:  Success

That morning, we woke up and spent family time w. our Aunt Carol and Uncle Eddie. Just around the house, relaxing, talking . . . them, getting to see Houston. We walked their barn, saw their cows, ate breakfast. By lunch time, we decided to hit the road back to home.

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