Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the little things

With our lil' boy growing up so fast . . . it's the little things I am trying to remember.  I decided today to list a few small things that Houston has been doing that just melt my heart. 

1.  Today, he looked at the TV and said, "Bill" -- for 'Little Bill' -- one of his TV / Cartoons he watches before nap time. Made me smile . . . knowing that he now knows the name of his lil' shows!

2.  He has learned to hit the golf club quite well. All he needs is a ball . . . and he will line the ball and the club up . . . and w. one swing, the ball goes FLYING!

3.  He has started to say, 'Soan' -- for 'Sloan, our kitty. Sloan and Houston are best friends. I swear, if we didn't shut Houston's door at night, Sloan would probably crawl in Houston's crib w. him! They 'pal' around all afternoon with each other . . . and Houston will just follow him around and gibber gabber to him . . . like they both understand each other!

4. The best part is when Houston turns and looks at me, places both hands on either side of my face, pull me close to him . . . all for a kiss. Sigh. It melts my heart.

5.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but Houston is starting to say 'Tanks' -- aka 'Thanks' -- on his own . . . w.o me having to say to him, 'say Thanks, Houston'. AND 'Bess ou' -- for 'Bless You' -- Makes me smile so big when he says it w.o me asking him too!

6.  Today, while Houston was watching his 'show' before nap time . . . he leaned over on me and fell asleep on my arm while I was typing this blog. Gah, he melts my heart. I wanted to leave him there . . . but I knew that wouldn't be a good nap. So, I moved him to his big boy bed . . . and he looks so stinking cute curled up on it!

7.  Last Friday, we went to the Zoo since it was a nice sunny day . . . and all Houston kept saying was, 'Giaffe, Ma. Giaffe' -- he now has this strange obsession w. giraffes -- and now when he gets in his stroller to go for a walk, he looks at me so sweetly, smiles and says, 'giaffe? Ma! giaffe?' Like we are going to see them! AH. I feel so bad when I say, 'Maybe we will see one!'

8.  Everything to him right now is either BIG or BABY. Meaning, Big or Little. It's either a Big Fish or a Baby ball. haha. And the way he says them . . . PRICELESS.

9.  When you ask Houston if he would like a cookie and you tell him that he can only have ONE, he will say, 'Two'. Everytime! I can't get him to say 'one' for ANYTHING! Everything comes in Two's.

10.  OH, how could I forget! As I might have mentioned before, Houston now loves to sing and dance. Mostly because that is what we do when we get ready . . . sing really loud and dance to the music while blow drying my hair! Laugh. Don't judge me . . . . SO, this weekend, Houston had just gotten out of the bath tub, I was blow drying my hair, listening to music and singing . . . and the next thing I know, Houston is wearing my headband, singing really loud into a makeup brush, swinging his hips back and forth . . . all while . . . he was NAKED! haha. It was the BEST thing I had seen in a long time! I wish we would have recorded it . . . but, I'm not sure how appropriate it would be to put his lil' naked body on the 'web'. I think he would def. hate me later in life for that one! haha.

Oh buddy. I love you.  Thank you for giving me so many good laughs and warm feelings. I love watching you grow.

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