Tuesday, January 3, 2012

growing up

Knowing that Houston will be 2 -- TWO -- in 2 weeks, makes me think about the last two years . . . and how much he has grown. I was looking thru my past posts and looking thru past photos of my munchkin . . . and came across this post. Mama's Boy. This photo made me laugh so hard. Gah, I can't believe he used to give us that face! Now, he just looks at us and says, 'Dutch' -- translation: Don't -- his speech / verbal skills are improving, but sometimes I would much rather him give me a look like that 'Eat Shish and Die' look than verbally telling me to 'stop / dont'. Sigh. I have waited for so long to hear him say 'something' and now it's nothing but . . . 'Truck / Boat / What's that? / Stop it / Dutch / Ma / I want that / Juice'.

Sigh. My lil' baby.

Then, I came across this naked tush. Gasp. I used to pinch it all the time! Laugh. Now, my lil' tush just runs from me when I wanna pinch! And more than likely, H follows up with a 'Stop it' . . . then screams and runs from me. Laugh. Such a monkey.

And then, I think about his Debut . . . and all the emotions that we felt when we were awaiting his arrival and the emotions when we actually saw him for the first time. That pale blue little body that wasn't breathing . . . the tears . . . then the first cry. How that cry will forever stay in my head. It's so strange . . . it isn't until you have a little one that you fully understand the meaning of why your parents 'love' you so much. -- at least for me -- I always knew my parents 'loved me' and would do 'anything for me' -- but now, I fully understand it.

My parents had their 32nd Anniversary on New Years. Yep, they got married on New Years. And I am so proud of them for staying together for 32 years . . . and raising us three girls. God blessed them with the courage and the strength to raise us / to have a wonderful marriage / to get the joy of spending time w. their grand kids / etc.  And now, God had blessed us (Matt and I) with so many wonderful moments w. our lil' H. and so far, a marriage that will hopefully last as long as our parents.

One thing is for sure, it's hard work . . . and kids def. test the waters of your strength. But, kids bring so much joy. Wow. All of this sappy stuff over thinking about my munchkin turning TWO! Whew. I can only image the thoughts I will have when H gets older!! Or when we have another 'munchkin' to chase around!

Gah, I think I need to stop before I get too sappy here . . .

Anyways . . . the point of this post was to say . . . I CAN'T BELIEVE HOUSTON WILL BE TWO!

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