Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day

Whew. After all these Christmas posts . . . you'd think we would have been done w. Christmas / Christmas Presents . . . but we werent. No . . . we had THREE more Christmas' to attend [ ours, the billingsleys and the kings ].  I know, didn't you think we had already done them! No . . . that was Christmas Eve . . . not to be confused w. the next day . . . Christmas day! j.

We started out Christmas morning off at 7 -- oh, wait -- there was no 'we' there . . . It was just me. I woke up at 7. Started the coffee, sat and watched a little of the 'Today Show' . . . enjoying the last bit of 'quiet' I would hear all day. Houston woke up about 8 / 8:30 and then we woke daddy up at 9 with a big 'SANTA CAME!' Laugh. Houston doesn't have a CLUE about Santa or what the meaning is . . . but he sure did know he wanted to open presents . . . However, he opened his first present and threw it down. Laugh. It was a shirt . . . his face was like, 'What the hell is this, mom?' Haha. Sorry Bubby. Then, he chose his second present . . . and I felt so bad, it wasn't 'his' present . . . so he couldn't open it. After me saying not that one, he pretty much could care less about the whole present opening thing. Ha. But, he had a good morning and opened plenty :)

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