Monday, January 23, 2012

the big boy bed.

Today, Houston fell asleep in the big boy bed!

*Fingers crossed that this will be an easy process.

Right now, Houston's room is C-R-A-M-P-E-D with all his furniture. He has his big boy bed / full bed, a little dresser, a smaller 3 drawer dresser, a rocking horse and a train table . . . OH, and the crib. Whew. There is NO room to walk . . . and I'm getting so aggravated moving around just to get a diaper / clothes / shoes / book / etc.

We decided for Houston's Birthday -- since he has so many 'things' -- and since we never did a 'theme' for his nursery because we were moving -- that now we will actually 'do' his room once we got settled in our new home. . . And well, we have been here for a year.  So, it's time to convert to a 'big boy room'.

Two days ago, his comforter cover came in and mommy is so excited! Houston could really care less . . . I mean, we walks in and says, 'sheep, Ma. sheep' . . . but that's about all the excitement I get out of him! Matt still needs to paint and then . . . his room will be FINISHED! I am still debating on a few more 'decorative' things . . . but in Houston's mind . . . 'decorative' doesn't exist.  Once it gets all put together, we will post photos of it :) Right now, there's not a whole heck of a lot to 'see' per say . . . just furniture! laugh.

Anyways, Happy Monday bloggers! We have nasty weather here . . . blah. So, lots of 'work' to be done for me today!

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